As this illness progresses, these moods and behaviors become increasing bizarre.

Believes in ‘conspiracies’ that are not based on reality, they may believe that:

Someone is ‘poisoning’ or ‘tampering’ with    their food
The government or police are ‘watching’ them    or out to destroy them
Loved ones are trying to ‘control’ or ‘interfere’ with their thoughts
Someone is trying to harm them
The ‘second coming’ is near

They hear, see, taste or feel things that only exist in their mind.

The voices can be hostile or friendly, or they may hear whispers from God or the television
They may have visual hallucinations that something is trying to get into their body (e.g. insects) or that their internal body parts (e.g. brain or blood) are ‘oozing’ out of them.

Have trouble maintaining a train of thought. In conversation, they may:

Incoherent or stringing unrelated words   together
Difficulty expressing their thoughts verbally
Odd social behavior – being secretive, hiding, and occasional outbursts of anger

Disrupts or inhibit their ability to do normal activities, like:

Impairs a person’s ability to care for themselves, work or interact with others.
Decrease in personal hygiene – like bathing daily
Inability to dress appropriately – wearing multiple layers on a warm day